• Preprint CAPS: Code Abstraction-Based Pre-training Strategy for Smaller Language Models for Code
    Fraol A. Batole, Smit Soneshbhai Patel, Aashish Yadavally, Tien N. Nguyen, and Hridesh Rajan
  • Preprint NEURALSTATE: An Approach for Detecting Protocol Violations in a Deep Learning Program
    Fraol A. Batole, Ruchira Manke, Robert Dyer, Tien N. Nguyen, and Hridesh Rajan
  • ICSE Decomposing a Recurrent Neural Network into Modules for Enabling Reusability and Replacement
    Sayem Imtiaz, Fraol A. Batole, Astha Sing, Breno Cruz, Rangeet Pan, and Hridesh Rajan